Jawbox Jerky vs. Other Jerky Brands

August 19, 2020 2 min read

Jawbox Jerky isn't the only jerky brand on the market. There are dozens of beef jerky brands to choose from, but they're not all created equally. If you're looking for a high protein, low sodium, and low carbohydrate snack with no preservatives and quality ingredients, then Jawbox Jerky is a good match for you!

One bag of our cracked pepper vs a competitor. Jawbox's protein is much leaner and not filled with extra grams of sugar, sodium, or carbs. Plus it is less calories per bag!

There are several things to look for when you are trying to pick out the best brand of jerky for snacking. Depending on the diet you follow, you will be looking at the nutrition facts, the amount of protein, and the ingredient list.


  • Nutrition facts.Compared to other jerky brands, Jawbox Jerky is high in protein and low in sodium, carbohydrates, and fat. While other jerky brands have high protein similar to Jawbox Jerky, but they also contain more sodium, more cholesterol, and more calories at the same time. Brands that have a similar calorie content to Jawbox Jerky tend to have less protein and more sodium.
  • Protein is worth mentioning again because in a jerky snack, the amount of protein is important. All protein isn't created equally, either. Whole muscle jerky offers the best benefits and the highest nutrition value, but not all jerky is made from whole muscle cuts. Jerky can be made from any type of meat, including ground meat, but these alternatives may not have the same amount of protein and nutrients.
  • Ingredient list. Lastly, it's important to consider the ingredient list when you are buying your jerky. Jawbox Jerky contains no artificial preservatives. However, this isn't the same for all brands. Plenty of brands have artificial preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product.


If you’re interested in adding jerky to your diet, then it’s important to do a little research on your buying options. There are many jerky brands on the market, but not all of them offer quality, high protein along with low carbs, fat, and sodium like Jawbox Jerky does.




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