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Jawbox Jerky in Bulk to Fuel Your Team

Like you, we understand the key role nutrition plays in any team’s success, and we also understand the complexities involved in running a nutritional program for a team, let alone an entire athletic department or farm system. You have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, and they don’t make it easy with their particular tastes and dietary needs.

We created Jawbox Jerky with guidance from sports dietitians to fill a nutritional need and help you power your athletes towards their most ambitious goals. From our conscientious sourcing of delicious ingredients to our travel-friendly packaging — Jawbox was created to fuel athletes.

Jawbox Jerky proudly partners with the CPSDA, an organization whose mission is to create leaders who elevate the profession of Sports Nutrition. We are grateful for the opportunity to support their quest in “fueling victory.”


Superior Ingredients

At Jawbox, we invest in superior ingredients to power superior performance. Inspired by the dietary principle that “whole foods are the best fuel,” we use only the highest quality protein, from grass-fed and-finished cows to antibiotic and hormone-free chicken, all raised free-range on ranches across the United States. Our jerky are always high in quality proteins and low in fat, which makes them a great addition to a wide range of nutritional programs, depending on your athletes’ needs.

To maintain the exceptional quality of our jerky, we:

  • Craft our jerky in small batches allowing for impactful flavor
  • Never use preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Only use USA sourced protein that is Grass-Fed or Free-Range
  • Ensure every delicious flavor is gluten-free

During meals and after workouts, have complete confidence in the fuel your athletes are putting in their bodies.

Delicious Flavors

With every new Jawbox Jerky flavor, our Artisanal Chef and Co-Founder, Devo, works closely with our athletic customers to learn what they crave before hand-crafting the latest recipe. Turns out, athletes have great taste, and we can thank them for Peppered, Korean BBQ, and Buffalo.

Each flavor is still prepared in small batches, with only the purest unprocessed ingredients to maintain our high standards when it comes to flavor and nutritional goodness. We guarantee your athletes will want to try them all.

And if you or your team have suggestions for new flavors, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Jerky by its nature is travel-friendly, for three reasons:

  • Long shelf life with no need for refrigeration
  • Compact packaging, allowing for ease of use
  • We work with a variety of the leading catering companies to have our jerky available on planes.

And we made it even better by designing compact packaging, making it easy to seal and stow in any size bag. So, whether your team travels a little or a lot, you can keep them fueled as if it were a home game.

It’s no wonder over 50 professional and collegiate organizations have partnered with Jawbox Jerky to fuel their athletes.

To fuel your own athletes, please contact Jay Lane, Founder & CEO of Jawbox Jerky, to discuss your unique need.

Email: | Phone: 720.695.9600

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