How Athletes Stay in Shape During This Time

May 19, 2020 2 min read

You may think athletes take the rest of the year off after their game season, but the truth is they don’t – especially during the COVID scare. They may take a couple of weeks off, but after that, they get back on their workout and diet routine. For athletes, being in shape is a career requirement, so even during the COVID pandemic, they’re still doing their home workouts, eating as healthy as possible, and keeping their head in the game.

how athletes stay in shape during covid19

How Athletes Stay in Shape During This Time

  1. They change things up.The death of progress is a lack of motivation, so athletes are careful to avoid getting bored with their routine. While during their season, they spend most of their exercise time training in their respective sport, during the off-season they may train in different ways, such as playing different sports or varying up their workout routine.
  2. They continue eating healthy. You can’t put in a hard day at the gym if you don’t eat the right foods, and athletes must eat the right foods all year round to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for when their season starts again. Athletes eat quality, well-balanced meals, whether they’re making them at home or they’re having something on the go, and they stick to clean, high-protein snack brands such as those partnered with the CPSDA like Jawbox Jerky.
  3. They use digital platforms. It’s not enough to push yourself; sometimes, you need a little outside encouragement, especially during these unprecedented times. Whether it be tracking progress with a Fitbit or joining the community of Peloton users, there are many ways to stay connected and on track during the current COVID19 pandemic.

Athletes don’t have the luxury of taking a couple of months off when they’re not playing their sport. They have to keep their fitness routine up and their eating habits healthy, so they’re prepared to jump back into things once their season starts again. If you want to train like an athlete, it requires 365 days of commitment – both in diet and in exercise.

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