How to maximize your workout

October 28, 2020 2 min read

How to maximize your workout

Having an efficient workout starts well before you enter the gym. When it comes to maximizing your workout, you need to make sure that you prepare yourself to work as hard as you can. This may include things like getting a better night’s sleep, drinking water all day, and preparing pre- and post-workout meals before you go to the gym.

Four ways to maximize your workout

  • Keep your workouts short and sweet. The first way to maximize your workout is to make sure that you are keeping your workouts shorter rather than longer. The ideal length of time for a workout is about 30 to 40 minutes. If you work out much longer than that, then the quality of your workout will go down, and you will not have enough energy to complete the exercises adequately.
  • Do compound exercises with good form. Rather than do one exercise at a time, consider combining exercises. For example, instead of just doing squats, combined squats with an arm exercise. Combining different exercises will allow you to get a full-body workout in half the time.
  • Have a quality after-workout snack ready. After your intense workout, it’s important to follow it up with a quality post-workout snack. A high protein snack, such as Jawbox Jerky, can give you all the benefits you need to start repairing your muscles before your next workout.
  • Drink plenty of water and get a good night’s rest. Finally, it’s important to prepare yourself before your next workout by drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s rest. If you don’t get quality rest or drink enough water, you will not have the energy to get through an intense workout.


To maximize your workout, you need to make sure you keep your workouts short and sweet, do compound exercises, and make sure your diet is on point outside of the gym. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein, enough water, and a good night’s rest, so when you are inside the gym, you can give it your best.

Martin Kier
Martin Kier

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