Easy Pre Workout Snacks

September 16, 2020 2 min read

Working out on a full stomach – don’t do it! It can cause cramping and bloating and your urge to take an after-meal nap can override your desire to work out. However, working out on an empty stomach is bad as well. If you don't fuel your body before you work out, then you are wasting your time at the gym.

Eating before your workout doesn't have to be complicated. Here are four super easy pre-workout snacks.

what are the easiest pre workout snacks

4 of the EASIEST Pre-Workout Snacks

  1. Coconut water.Coconut water is probably the easiest pre-workout snack you can consume. A glass of coconut water is filling and full of easily digestible carbs and vitamins.
  2. Boiled egg and toast. A boiled egg and a piece of toast combine the two necessary nutrients you need to have a good workout. For a solid workout, you need protein and carbs, and this little snack will fill you up so you can power through your entire session.
  3. Beef or Chicken Jerky. If you are following a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, then beef or chicken jerky is going to be a necessary staple in your diet. Jerky is a perfect pre-workout snack because it is easily portable. If you invest in quality jerky, such as Jawbox Jerky, you are consuming something that has high protein, good fat, and low carbohydrates.
  4. Chocolate milk. Lastly, chocolate milk is another easy and quick pre-workout snack. Chocolate milk combines carbs and protein, and it can help repair your muscles after a tough workout.

Eating before you hit the gym can be a little tricky, especially if you are a busy person. It is not ideal to work out on a full stomach, so the best type of pre-workout snack is a snack that is light but full of essential nutrients, especially high-quality protein, such as the protein found in Jawbox Jerky.

Martin Kier
Martin Kier

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